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We teach the cheeky Charleston...

We perform the cheeky Charleston...

We EVEN hold a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to dance the Charleston - a whopping 1096 people !


Shrewsbury Quarry Saturday 22nd September 2018: £5092 raised for Severn Hospice


To experience the joy of dancing the Charleston, we currently offer a weekly open level class which is suited to beginners and improver level. The Charleston is lots of fun to learn; once you have mastered how to swivel your feet during the basic step you will find every other step easy to perform! 


Whether you've never danced before or consider yourself to be a 'two left feet' kind of person  you really will love this class. We will guide you through step by step so you'll never be out of your depth, in fact we guarantee that you'll smile and dance at the same time... how's that for co-ordination! 


As well as teaching classic 20's Charleston, we also include authentic solo jazz in our choreography, which are jazz steps mainly from the 1930's.


Our classes are aimed at both men and women and don't require you to bring a partner.


Also look out for our exciting 'one off' holiday workshops which give the you chance to try out different dance styles and learn iconic dance routines!


Like our 'I Can Dance Shrewsbury' face book page for announcements. 


We hope that you will love Charleston dancing so much that you will want to become a member of our performance groups - 'Vintage Twist' and 'Dapper Flappers'!


Should you wish to show off your dancing talent, there are opportunities to perform Charleston routines at local events and festivals.


Tell me about Charleston Dancing


The Charleston is a totally thrill-seeking dance - all about having fun, letting go and showing character!


Perhaps one of the best known craze dances, it's rhythm and steps instantly make you think of Flappers, Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby and Speak Easy. 


This springy, bouncy and energetic jazz dance involves fast paced swinging legs, big arm movements and comical poses. Toes turn in, knees knock together, chest shimmies, legs kick high, scarecrow arm gestures - are just some of the shapes and movements that characterise this infectious dance style. 


The Charleston became extremely popular (Joseeohin baker) after appearing along with the song, "The Charleston," by James P. Johnson in the Broadway musical Runnin' Wild in 1923 and reached its height by 1926. It was danced solo and in couples by both young women (known as Flappers) and young men of that generation who wanted to shed the stodgy etiquette and moral codes of their parents' generation.


After the horror, heartache and hardship of the First world war, people wanted to dance and let loose in their attire, actions, and attitudes. The young women cut their hair, shortened their skirts, drank alcohol, smoked, wore makeup, and their dancing became more wild and uninhibited. Rather than dancing the popular dances of the late 19th century and early 20th century, such as the polka, two-step, or waltz, the freer generation of the Roaring Twenties created a new dance craze to reflect their spirit. Its daring exuberance horrified the establishment and was even banned in some dance halls.

Now a  Strictly Come Dancing favourite the Charleston was first introduced in 2009, when it was the breakthrough dance for Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan, who went on to win the trophy. In dance terms, Hollins wasn't the strongest celebrity or dancer to have won Strictly but it was bouncy Charleston that showed his personality and made him a serious contender.

As well as providing you with a good physical work out, the Charleston is a fantastic mood tonic - its cheeky nature brings an easy smile to your face and as many class members will testify - it's a hugely uplifting hobby.



Benefits of attending a weekly Charleston class

  • Develop and improve dance skill and artistry

  • Develop sense of musicality

  • Great means of exercise

  • Improved Co ordination, balance, flexibility

  • Memory workout – remembering sequences of steps

  • Have fun!

  • Discover and sustain an interest

  • Meet new people, make friends and be part of a lively group

  • Increase confidence and sociability

  • Improve performance skills

  • Discover a new passion for vintage clothing!

  • Importantly our classes gives you the opportunity to take a break from your phone, work and family life and enjoy being focused, present and ‘in the moment’.


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