Taster Workshops

Our 'have a go' workshops are perfect for groups, events or schools who want to experience a dance style in a short space of time 

We currently offer 1 hour workshops in both 20's Charleston and Bollywood. The workshops cater for up to 40 adults or children at a cost of £120. 


Additions to the group size can be added at a rate of £3 per person.

Venue hire is NOT included in the price.

Price includes travel expenses within a 15 mile radius of SY4 1HA (30 mile round trip)


Dance your way back to the roaring twenties and have a go at mastering some cheeky Charleston moves!

During your workshop you'll cover the following:

The basic Charleston step: 'Jay Bird'

Introduction to 'Swivelling' your feet during your basic step

A selection of classic solo charleston moves and gestures (i.e scarecrow, windmill, crazy knees, shoe shine, knee slaps, black bottom...)

A bouncy, energetic and kicking routine that links your new found moves together! 



Lightbulb moment!

Bollywood dancing is modern Indian dance for EVERYONE!

Colourful, vibrant and expressive, this style  is an exciting fusion of Eastern and Western dance that evolved from the Indian film business . 

You'll see classical Indian and folk dance mixed up more western styles such as Hip Hop , Disco and Latino - basically there are no rules!

In this workshop, you'll learn classic Bollywood moves and an upbeat routine that everyone will find easy to pick up.  

Bollywood is great for the mind , body and soul so why not have a go at twisting that light bulb!