I Can Dance Mash Up

Dance through the decades!

This workshop is a mash up of 60's /70's/80's/90's/2000's hits

For example:

60s Soul Bossa Nova (Austin powers theme tune ) Do The Swim 

70's Freak Out: Chic/YMCA 

80's Footloose/Thriller

90's You Can't Touch This/Vogue

2000's Singe Ladies/Gangnam style 

Songs may vary.

In this workshop you can really let loose and have fun whilst learning some classic dance moves to these ageless anthems.

Our party package includes:

A 2 hour dance workshop delivered in your chosen location

Studio hire - We will book a suitable venue for your dance workshop

A glass of bubbly for every party member 

A cupcake for every party member 

Use of costume accessories to help get you into character!

We are based in Shrewsbury, Shrophire but are happy to accommodate you by travelling to a location of your choice *

Costumes Accessories Supplied

Themed Spectacles

What To Wear

Dressing up is of course completely optional, but well worth it to enhance your theme and the whole dance experience!

Here are some costume suggestions to help you 'look the part':

Choose a decade:

60s - Large spectacles, neck scarf, shift dress and boots.

70s - Big hair/wig, fitted t-shirt/large collared shirt and colourful flares

80s - Mullet hair, cropped trousers/knee length or mini skirt

and anything with shoulder pads.

90s - Baggy 'drop crotch' trousers and cropped jacket.

2000s - Leotard and tights

The more shoulder pads the better!

However alternative options are:

A colourful outfit

The workshop is designed to be fun, accessible and socialable.

The choreography is broken down into counts and sections to ensure that everybody finds it easy to pick up and totally uncomplicated.

During the workshop there will be drinks breaks for you all to stop, chat and mingle over a glass of bubbly and a cupcake.

This lighthearted workshop offers a wonderful shared experience for all involved and serves as a great way for people to get to know each other.

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